What We Do 

Our mission is to be the implementation partner for companies and individuals who want to expand the capabilities of their asset with a digital representative. The value of asset combined with the possibilities of digitalization, such as global access, unfolds new business areas.

Focus of the solution are CO2 neutral, blockchain based objects called NFTs (non-fungible tokens) which are transferable like e-mails but unique and tangible like individual objects.

Our vision is to give all assets a digital representative at eye level with real world objects to unlock new business. 




Generator is an online service which creates ERC-721 token on Ethereum blockchain.


Green NFT is the platform under which the vision of climate neutral NFTs and NFT based climate products is being pushed forward.




Munich Startups

Certyfact is registered at Munich Startup


Blockchain Bayern e.V.

Certyfact is registered member of the Blockchain Bayern e.V.


Klima Kollekte gGMBH

Certyfact is cooperation partner of Klima Kollekte gGMBH